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Diffuser Oil - Honey & Lemon Myrtle 10ml
Diffuser Oil - Honey & Lemon Myrtle 10ml
Viam Organics

Diffuser Oil - Honey & Lemon Myrtle 10ml

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Our all natural diffuser oil is a concentrated blend of Australian essential oils and needs to be diluted in water and used with an oil diffuser or oil burner to obtain optimal results, leaving an ambient scent that will eliminate any unpleasant odour. It is packaged in a small inconspicuous glass bottle.

If used as instructed the 10ml bottle can last up to 3 months.

Volume: 10ml 


When an unpleasant odour is already present, put 5 -10 drops of oil into the water in the oil diffuser or oil burner and turn it on.  Leave it to work for up to 30 minutes minutes to allow the ingredients to do their job, leaving the room smelling fresh and clean.

For use in the bathroom, turn on the diffuser before using the toilet. Leave the diffuser on for about 5-10 minutes after you have flushed.





The essential oils in all our products have anti-fungal, antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties which all work towards killing the germs that create unpleasant odours. Each of the essential oils has been specifically selected for their unique properties which assist in refreshing the air, while also creating an uplifting, relaxing and calm environment.

All our products are made using ethically sourced all-natural ingredients. 

All our products are responsibly packaged using recycled or recyclable materials.

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